By incorporating gathering places throughout SoLē Mia, its creators will emphasize the importance of public space. They are building a sense of community that, combined with the arts and culture of Miami, will add quality to the lives of SoLē Mia residents and visitors alike. Well thought-out public spaces, including Central Plaza, Biscayne Square and pocket parks, serve as functional, engaging, lively spaces where people can gather to enjoy their surroundings. Central Plaza will be home to a variety of retailers, restaurants, a cinema and fitness center, and will host festivals and musical events. Biscayne Square will be an architecturally appealing urban enclave with exciting displays and inviting activities. There, visitors can find passive enjoyment in a street-lined pocket park while drinking coffee at a peaceful cafe, or having a quiet conversation amid the lush surroundings.

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George Radu
t 305.914.8211