Abundant Amenities

What’s not to love about SoLē Mia Miami? This dynamic community will constantly offer interesting and exciting opportunities.

Thirty-seven acres of inviting parks will offer a world of recreational options for residents and visitors. Inviting exercise paths will encourage walking and jogging. A 6.7-acre Crystal Lagoon – the first of its kind in South Florida – will provide a tranquil, relaxing place to cool down, enjoy an invigorating swim, or engage in waterborne activities, such as kayaking and canoeing. When the mind’s up for some exercise, SoLē Mia Miami’s educational center will feature an array of brain-stimulating activities.

SoLē Mia Mainstreet will serve as the ultimate haven for folks searching for shopping, fine dining, and spirited entertainment; nourishing all of their whims and desires. Gourmet food items for the dinner table to upscale specialty boutiques…an amazing dine-in cinema and chef-run restaurants, a high-end bowling and curated entertainment options – it’ll all be a short walk away, centered around a beautifully landscaped town square.